5 Male Yogis Who Teach Beginners Yoga

By now you know that our mission is to bring #moremenonthemat by helping men feel confident doing yoga, either by showing the benefits of the practice, by creating male yogi events - more on that soon -, or even by offering the pieces of our current fashion collection. 

For those many men who have never practiced yoga before, or for those who are new in the magical world of yoga, we searched the internet to find the best male yogis who teach beginners yoga, and the best part is you can stream their class in your living room. So grab your mat and blocks and let’s begin.  

Follow these men and give their yoga videos a try! 


Flo offers a variety of yoga videos on his YouTube channel. In this video, Flo walks us through a beginners Vinyasa flow that is slower paced covering every area of your body.



Sean offers a 7 day beginners challenge that is great for first time yogis



Raghunath is an ex-monk who has a wonderful way of connecting with men. If you are looking for a way to dive into yoga for a full month, give this 30 day yoga challenge a try. 


Dean Pohlman 

Dean also has a variety of videos designed for beginners. Dean’s videos are great if you don’t have a lot of time. Check out this 10 min full body yoga flow for beginners.  



And finally for the guys who are specifically focused on using yoga for flexibility, Tom offers a great sequence to loosen up all of your tight areas. 


With these guys you are sure to find a vibe and a yoga flow that works for you. If you are wondering what to wear to get started, check out our first collection available HERE.  Stay tuned on the @coroayoga instagram for updates on our Los Angeles yoga events.

We also hope that if you are already practicing yoga, you will share this blog with a friend who could use benefit from a yoga practice. 


Coroa Team


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