Coroa and its commitment: #moremenonthemat


Since the day the idea popped into Santiago’s head, Coroa has had the mission of bringing #moremenonthemat. We have not fully explain to you why this is important for us. You see when Santiago made the decision to join his local yoga studio ONE DOWN DOG he had no idea the impact a daily yoga practice would make on his life. And he certainly didn't think it would turn into a business.

As santiago puts it... 

“yoga is not just painful hamstrings the next day, this goes deeper. It's a mental state, a reflection of who you are as a human being. A connection to mind, body and soul. Now because of yoga, its namaste everywhere! Any situation life throughs at me, i'm like namaste. I embrace situations in a very namaste way. To me namaste means… Take things the way they are. You are lucky that you are breathing right now. You woke up this morning. And I learned all this through my yoga practice.”

Read the fantastic interview Santiago had with NY based magazine One37pm about how Coroa went from an idea that started on the mat, to a business:


It is because of this passion for yoga that we want other men to share in this experience. In fact, we are creating these experiences. Recently our team held a men’s only IN - Tune FLOW Workshop. 



COROA is not only here to provide uniquely designed yoga gear for men, we are here to create a movement that inspires men to practice yoga. It is our belief that when men practice yoga they are more conscious, less anxious, less stressed, more compassionate, and have great focus and clarity. A regular yoga practice provides amazing, lifelong benefits to all yogis, regardless of gender. However, we are here to break the stigma and stereotypes so that more men can have spaces that provide inclusivity and diversity. Our vision is to provide welcoming spaces where men can stretch, bend, and meditate without judgment. 


Listen as Ian tells us about his first yoga flow!


This just proves the importance of trying new things. Ian had tried yoga before, but his previous experience was much different than his time on the mat with other men. For many guys the “yoga practitioner” brings to mind images of petite, limber young women bending and stretching into pretzel-like poses. As with anything, you need representation to see yourself. We are taking the initiative to show more men in yoga in our marketing endeavors as well. 



Listen as James tell us why more men should do yoga. 



For Ryan Peacock, yoga provides an opportunity to look inside the world of women.

“I remember the first time I did yoga. I went to a class because a girl invited me, but didn’t bother to notice it was an intermediate vinyasa flow. Within minutes, I was ready to collapse. I was awkward, rigid, and embarrassed as the experienced female practitioners around me moved gracefully through poses. 

Fifteen years later, I am still awkward, and in most classes, still find myself surrounded by women. The gender imbalance in yoga was not something I thought about until recently. And when I did ponder it, I recognized how yoga provides a distinct opportunity for a guy to peer inside the world of women.” Read his blog on 7 Things I Learned About Women from Doing Yoga

For Sam Chase the first time he went to a yoga class, he hated it. Growing up as a bookworm who suffered from asthma, he thought of his body as little more than a vehicle for his brain. In his 20s, he decided he finally wanted to get fit—and his first goal was to touch his toes. Since he’d never been athletic, Sam figured that yoga was an easy place to start.

 It didn’t turn out that way. “I was sweating, and I didn’t expect to be sweating. It was hard, and I didn’t expect it to be hard,” he recalls. “I was being asked to pay attention to all sorts of things I wasn’t used to paying attention to—the breath, the sensations in my body. I just wanted to be able to touch my toes!” Read more about Sam’s yoga experience in his blog Five Myths (Some) Men Believe About Yoga

And lastly, let's consider the case of Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine who has long been a loud and proud yogi, but to find out more about the practice behind the band’s Jagger-like moves, we turned to teacher Chad Dennis, who travels with the band on tour. Yoga, Dennis says, is the one “sutra (thread) of familiarity” on the road for Maroon 5. “The scenery, people, languages, hotels, planes, etc. are in a constant state of flux. This can easily pull people off their center,” he says. “Yoga, for the band as well as myself, is the one ritual that creates a sense of home, grounding, and stillness.” Read more about Chad and review the 11 Grounding Poses For Travel outlined in this blog by Jessica Levine. 

 So there you have it. Whether you are just entertaining the idea of starting a yoga practice or teaching yoga to superstars, the practice can surely improve your life. We know from personal experience that it has helped all members of our team become better human beings. Now we want to share that the yoga practice with more men! Our way is to promote the practice of yoga through our brand. We create yoga wear for men that provides luxury, comfort and performance. Also through our initiative #moremenonthemat we are creating events that bring men together to practice yoga, and collaborating with yogis to share our mission. 

 We take pride in the fact that all our entire operation is based in Los Angeles. From the design, manufacturing and production - everything here in the USA. When you buy Coroa, you are supporting the jobs of people within our community. 

 We hope that you will join our mission and bring more men to the mat.  

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