Coroa Meets with Its New Partner

Coroa Visits its New Partner, Foy Life 

Last week our team went to visit our new partner Foy Life, a 360 healing center offering yoga classes in Agoura Hills, CA. Foy Life’s doors had only been open just a few days when we arrived. There with met with Xavier who is the director of yoga and nutrition. Xavier reached out to our team a few weeks prior and asked if Foy Life could carry pieces from our limited first collection of Coroa Yoga in their new wellness center. We were absolutely thrilled! After learning that Foy Life also shared the intention of creating space where men could feel comfortable practicing yoga, we wanted to meet and visit the space ourselves. 

When we walked through the doors of Foy Life we were immediately drawn to the warm colors, lighting, textures and wonderful aromas. We thought to ourselves, It is not common to see a yoga or wellness space decorated in this way. 

We later learned that it was Xaviers intention to take a gender neutral approach to the designing of the space. Just a beautiful expression of both masculine and femine energies. The space features a lounge, tea bar, shopping area, yoga studio, and several additional rooms for wellness services. Foy Life offers everything from energy healing, meditation and therapy to massages, nutrition counseling and acupuncture. We were blown away by the integration of all these services to create a 360 wellness experience.

Once we got settled in, we headed over to the Foy Life’s tea bar. There Foy’s vegan chef made us a chai latte and a glass of kombucha - which they have on TAP! The chef explained that Foy Life has over 63 teas that they import from sustainable sources, they have a healthy menu of small bites, and they make their own almond butter. We got to try it and it was absolutely delicious!

As we toured the facility we had the chance to meet the owner of the Foy Life, Deanna Farnell. We were completely moved by her story and manifestation of her vision. Deanna was previously in corporate finance helping businesses be successful when she discovered she had an autoimmune disease. On her quest to take a holistic approach to healing herself, Deanna traveled all around Los Angeles seeking eastern and western healing modalities. Eventually she asked the question, why is there not a place with all of healing practices in one place. It was at that time that Deanna came up with the concept for Foy Life. 

The last stop on our tour was the yoga room. We took the opportunity to sit down with Xavier to talk about his story and what it will take to get #moremenonthemat. Xavier’s story was so touching, you should listen to it for yourself. 

Go ahead and click the link to watch our tour and conversation with Xavier.


If you are in the Los Angeles area and would like to have the ultimate in healing experiences, visit Foy Life in Agoura Hills, CA. 

Much love & namaste,

Coroa team


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