Dear human beings & friends,

Deeply believing now more than ever we need love & community, Coroa is releasing free weekly online classes open to anybody! Let's all be united and together stretch, sweat, breathe, relax, and have some fun. 

Before we jump into all the details, let's thank the current participating teachers for their time & effort! Please keep in mind that they are donating their time to the cause, nobody is gaining any monetary value. We are all working on this with the purpose of helping others to cope with this unprecedented situation. 

As right now we are pushing to have two classes per week, a different teacher every week. However, we are hopeful people will resonate with the cause and we get more teachers to support the #homeyogawithcoroa movement. 

Now, let's talk about all the details, how to participate, and classes incoming. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY


1.MARCH / APRIL CLASSES (Constantly updating as we get new teachers)

Please click on JOIN and you will be directed to the online class. Easy breezy! Important to mention Hangouts works with every computer, laptop and ipads. It does not work on iPhones. 

-March 24, 12pm PST: ALL LEVELS Meditative Flow w/Dylan (@sobretooth)

-March 27, 4pm PST: ALL LEVELS Meditative Flow w/Dylan (@sobretooth)

-March 30, 12pm PST: ALL LEVELS Flow + Meditation w/Jamez (@flowfitmeditate)

-April 1, 4pm PST: ALL LEVELS Flow + Meditation w/Jamez (@flowfitmeditate): JOIN

-April 8, 12pm PST: ALL LEVELS Power Flow w/ Doug Milliron (@freshandmax): JOIN

-April 10, 12pm PST: ALL LEVELS Flexibility & Meditation w/ Doug Milliron (@freshandmax): JOIN



- In order for you to keep up to date with our classes we have created a Google Calendar called 'Coroa Free Yoga Classes', to which you can access on the following links depending on your device:

// Macbooks & iPads (it doesn't work on iphones): HERE

// Desktop versions (Apple/Microsoft/Chromebooks) & Androids:  HERE

- Look for "Coroa Free Yoga Class" calendar entry in orange. That's us! 

We encourage you to set up notifications so you can get immediate alarms ahead of each class! 



-We are going to stream the classes via Google Hangouts Meet. For those who are not familiar with the system Hangouts is a conference site by Google that synchronizes effortlessly with your gmail accounts. We are pushing for this platform since it is free and offers no limitations in time per session. It is also free of advertising

-The day of the class please go to Coroa calendar entry, click on the class of your choice, and you will see the option "Join Hangouts" and voilá! You are in

-Once again, remember this system doesn't work on iPhones. Why would you a small screen to follow online yoga classes anyway? :)



-We recommend you to join us on the videoconference 15 minutes earlier since the system only allows 100 people max. 

-10 minutes before the class starts we ask you please to mute your mics to avoid any interference. Santiago, the founder of Coroa, and the teacher will leave their mics on to have some words with you. Once the class is about to start just the teacher will have the mic on.


Thank you so much all, feel free to share this blog, and see you on the e-mat!


Coroa team




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